About us

Our story

Born in 1910, reborn in 2023!

A grand and grand project, the Podgoreanu Mansion has been reborn as Mercure Conacul Cozieni, as part of the prestigious ACCOR hotel chain. This premium destination caters to all those seeking a peaceful retreat in the midst of nature, offering an inexhaustible source of inspiration, relaxation and fairytale comfort.

Origins - reinforcing belonging

Like a slice of early 20th-century history enhanced by contemporary artists, the mansion combines the aristocratic refinement of neo-Romanesque style with urban architecture, giving you a unique sense of encounter with history every time you step onto the brick porch, through the generous arches that flood the reception with natural light. Your footsteps will pass over the mosaic with plant motifs, the same one where, more than a century ago, the leading families of the interwar aristocracy passed on their way to cool country evenings.


Tree of life

The tree of life, the symbol of abundance and hope in Romanian culture, is brought back to the present, engraved on the wood of the furniture in the rooms and found in the decoration pieces in the hotel. As a reminder of what Codrii Vlăsiei used to be, we also find it represented in the hotel’s reception as a captivating art installation.

The construction of the manor dates back over 110 years, the original architectural style can be found in the new buildings that harmoniously complement the original piece, honouring the grandeur of times past. Moreover, in an effort to restore history, but also to be sustainable, all the balconies of the rooms contain original bricks saved from the old mansion.

History of Podgoreanu Mansion

The Podgoreanu Mansion in Cozieni, Ilfov, was built at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1910, by the nobleman Mihail Podgoreanu, a rich owner of land and vineyards, and was also known as “Cozieni Castle”.

The mansion consisted of a two-storey main building, surrounded by a park and vineyards, with an area of about 10 hectares. In the past, the mansion was used as a summer residence by the Podgoreanu family.

Located just 18 km east of the capital, near the Pasărea Monastery, surrounded by lakes and forests that were once part of Codrii Vlăsiei, the mansion has been restored and transformed into a premium hotel, and is now a perfect place for leisure and events.

Our mission

We want Mercure Conacul Cozieni to be more than a hotel that offers relaxation and tranquility.
We want it to become a landmark of gastronomy and discovery in our lives, a place away from the noise of the city where you can connect with nature, breathe fresh air and find inner peace. At Cozieni, we want to bring to life the most successful events in the heart of nature, to celebrate your professional successes and the most important moments in life. We want to create the perfect space for organizing special events and, above all, the unforgettable place for the most important moments of your life.

Our values

Authentic values lived through unparalleled local experiences.

From passion for hospitality to excellence, we are here to introduce you to an authentic world of exquisite local experiences.


At Mercure Conacul Cozieni, we pride ourselves on offering guests a truly memorable experience that reflects our history and rich cultural heritage. We have preserved the architectural authenticity of the mansion and now offer you the opportunity to discover it.


Our passion for hospitality comes through in every detail and every gesture, with every interaction you have with our colleagues. We put our heart into everything we do, we are dedicated and welcoming, friendly and helpful, ready to give you a memorable experience, every day you spend at Cozieni.


We support sustainable tourism by preserving local architectural values, creating jobs for the local community, using local ingredients in the kitchen, creating locally inspired menus, encouraging local tourism, using solar panels and charging stations for electric cars, selective collection, recycling and disposal of disposable plastic containers.


We are a team of experienced professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry. We are guided by excellence in all aspects, whether it’s the quality of the materials used in the décor, the carefully chosen decorations, the menu composition or the level of hospitality we offer. We want your stay at the Manor to be not just a memorable experience, but a lifelong partnership.

Every detail is designed for your comfort and satisfaction.


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