At Mercure Conacul Cozieni, sustainability is not only about caring for a clean environment, but also about the cultural recovery of the past for the benefit of the community.

We practice sustainable tourism through the restoration of the historic Podgoreanu Mansion building and its return to the community, the valorisation of local gastronomic resources and the social responsibility programmes carried out globally by the ACCOR hotel chain of which we are part.

  • Preserving architectural values and saving heritage;
  • Reconditioning and recovering the original bricks used in the construction of the manor house to enclose the balconies;
  • Integrating nature and authentic Romanian symbols into the project;
  • Keeping the “archway” as a defining element.

Sustainability programmes

Local community

  • Creating jobs for the local community;
  • Supplying the restaurant with local produce to encourage small businesses and local agriculture;
  • Promoting the tourist attractions in the area;

Environmental programmes

  • 4 electric vehicle charging stations available for guests;
  • Encouraging local tourism;
  • Solar panels for heating the swimming pool;
  • Disposal of disposable plastic food and drink containers;
  • Selective waste collection.

Our commitment to the preservation of the manor is a cornerstone of our socially responsible efforts, which have included restoring and maintaining the original architecture and introducing modern amenities without compromising its traditional appearance and charm. In addition, these efforts have extended to the conservation and use of local flora to create a harmonious relationship between man-made structures and nature.