We invite you on an amazing culinary journey at Elements Restaurant, where flavours from around the world dance in harmony with local gastronomic treasures. As you enter this sanctuary of taste, you will feel the inspiration and simplicity of the Bird Monastery envelop you. Our menu is a celebration of nature’s bounty and an homage to the monastery’s ancient recipes. We will surprise you with true culinary works of art created to awaken your senses and transport you into a world of gastronomic ecstasy. From the heady spices of the Orient to the delicate flavours of the Mediterranean, each of the international dishes prepared at Elements restaurant has a unique story to tell.

You’ll discover a blend of flavours, interwoven with the essence of our local offerings, creating an utterly remarkable symphony of taste. Here, the plate is a stage on which flavours play and dance in perfect harmony. Dare to immerse yourself in this unparalleled experience, where every taste reveals a story about traditions, cultures and the joy of enjoying life. At Elements, we believe that food is more than a necessity – it’s an emotional journey that fills your heart with happiness and your soul with joy.


The restaurant concept reflects an exploration of traditional recipes masterfully reinterpreted and brought to the present day by our talented chef. Culinary dishes are inspired from different corners of the world and diverse cultures, allowing you to enjoy a true culinary journey.

At Elements, the dishes have unique stories and are born out of local culinary traditions that we can’t wait to share with you. We value cultural and gastronomic values, and every dish served at our restaurant reflects our respect and admiration for these traditions.

We invite you to visit us and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Elements restaurant, where tradition meets innovation in a spectacular and authentic setting.


Whether you are passionate about international cuisine or simply want to experience new flavours and tastes, Elements will spoil you with delicious dishes and drinks, artistically presented and served with attention to detail.

At Elements Bar we have a variety of drinks that perfectly complement the dining experience and add a touch of sophistication and satisfaction. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find the drink that will relax you and make you feel special.

Vă invităm să ne vizitați și să vă bucurați de o experiență gustativă unică!

Our passion for the quality and flavour of our wines is rooted in centuries of tradition. We have selected for you exquisite wines that will delight you and inspire you to stories.

The perfect combination of tradition, history and flavour!

For wine lovers, our menu includes various carefully selected fine wines. From robust and elegant reds to refreshing whites and sparkling wines, you’ll discover a rich range of options that perfectly complement your dining experience.

From corporate events and parties to celebrating a special occasion, our menu is designed to create unforgettable memories on every occasion.