Wellness & Recreation

Discover the secrets of longevity


Breathe deeply, relax your mind and body, find your inner peace.

Cozieni Wellness & Recreation is a true sanctuary of tranquility and well-being, offering you the opportunity to escape the stress and strain of everyday life and nurture your body, soul and mind.

Regain your balance and well-being!

Step into an oasis of relaxation, a haven of peace of mind, a place where you forget your worries, fill yourself with positive energy and maintain your health.

Cozieni Wellness & Recreation facilities are reserved for hosted guests and include:

  • Wet sauna;
  • Dry sauna;
  • Outdoor swimming pool;
  • Fitness room with special cardio and strength;
  • Relaxation and meditation area;
  • Landscaped terrace overlooking the forest;
  • Outdoor swimming pool.

The outdoor swimming pool is a true relaxation paradise. With its elegant architecture, the outdoor pool blends in perfectly with the beauty of the manor house. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun or indulge in a refreshing cocktail on the comfortable sun loungers, the pool is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy unforgettable moments.

The glass wall in the fitness room, reveals the Codrii Vlăsiei as a window to the past and a testimony to the history and traditions of this place. As you replenish your energy and keep fit, let the view of the woodlands inspire you and give you an extra dose of motivation.

Afterwards, a walk through the manor’s lanes breathing in the fresh woods air and the deep scent of fir resin will go to your soul and deeply relax you. You will fall in love with the round wooden bench in front of the manor house, a special place that will transport you sensually to the foot of the mountains.

Regain your inner balance at Cozieni Wellness & Recreation!